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Bestar provides accounting, bookkeeping, audit, tax, financial advisory, consulting, risk management, and related services to select clients. We work closely with our clients, helping them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities.

Bestar is a member firm of Affilica International. At Bestar, we are committed to delivering exceptional client service.

For new entrepreneurs looking forward to register a new company in Singapore, our cost-effective business solutions like accounting and bookkeeping services are always there!

Bestar is a boutique company formation service provider in Singapore with a comprehensive range of custom company incorporation, registration, accounting and financial compliance services.

Our expertise manages to meet the highest quality standards of corporate professionalism, morals and values. We unequivocally serve our clients with company formation and registration services, accounting services and provide our absolute expert opinion and help in the matter related to:

All of our clients are provided with a handy yet detailed e-newsletter, providing them an insight on all the advancements and unfolding in the world of businesses in Singapore.

If you are looking to have for yourself a free, zero-onus consultation regarding any matter related to company incorporation or business taxation and accounting or bookkeeping reach out to us. Give us a call and enable us to assist you with our expeditious and cost-effective Business solutions.

There’s no shame in starting small when you’re laying the foundation for something great. That’s precisely what you may be doing. We’ll share more when you’re ready, so check back with us soon.

More About Our Company

Singapore Company Registration Services

Let Bestar help you. We help new entrepreneurs to register companies in Singapore. No matter what difficulty you are going through, be it setting up a company or your worries related to business registration in Singapore, as a full-service corporate services provider, Bestar is always there for you.

We specialize in company incorporation services and business formation services in Singapore.

When you are trying to establish a business in Singapore, Bestar is your prudent choice. We will fulfill all due diligence, administration, and compliance duties for your business and go through all the tough battles to ensure your company incorporation process is always completed in a quick and cost-effective manner. This way, you are left with extra time on your end to concentrate on enhancing your business and meeting all the goals!

Bestar also provides assistance to foreign entrepreneurs looking forward to opening a business in Singapore. We help them register a new company in Singapore through easy mechanisms and provide our expertise to already existing companies looking to change their corporate services provider!

As experts in Company formation and registered as corporate service provider experts with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), our services are varied and fulfilling.

  • Incorporation of a Private Limited Company in Singapore
  • Registration of Limited Liability Partnership
  • Registration of a Sole Proprietorship
  • Company set up for foreigner with a nominee director
  • Corporate secretarial services in Singapore
  • Management of accounting and income tax structures
  • Management of business licenses
  • Singapore business advisory services

We are a full-service boutique business formation specialists company that expressly deals with business and company incorporation’s in Singapore.

Company Incorporation Services

Accounting & Corporate Services We Provide


We are always there for you

We literally mean it! Entrepreneurship does not sleep, this why no matter what the hour, we are there. 24-7.

We have the expert talent

At Bestar, we possess some of industry’s best! Our team of corporate support experts are Registered Filing Agents with ACRA.

We are licensed experts

Bestar is duly licensed to submit any work pass application in Singapore.

No extra charges

Unlike others, we do not believe in discretion at any stage.

We provide scalable and flexible solutions

We do not approach every organization with a single straight jacket approach.


A Quick boost to your journey

We can incorporate your entrepreneurship journey and dream faster than anyone else.

Welcoming you with the warm embrace

At Bestar, we are one big happy family, and we will treat you in the same manner when we meet you.

We are Pandora’s Box

Quite literally! We are the providers of a one-stop solution to everything business.

We are your library

When you seek our guidance, we will offer you our enormous online library.

Members of the national accounting body

We are accounting members of ISCA! Need we say more? The ISCA membership is only given to members who have immense caliber and understanding of the niche they are in.


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