Personal Income Tax Filing Services Singapore

When it comes to the Personal Income Tax Filing Services in Singapore, nobody can do it better than Bestar. We help you derive the maximum value and benefits. We focus on multiplying your tax deductions and channel more savings towards you – for your personal growth! With our best in class personal income tax filing services, we assist our clients to finish and submit their personal tax filing returns.

More than just assisting them in their individual tax returns, we help them identify their deductions and reliefs through which they can structure their future growth. We factor in their growth in tax-efficient methodologies.

Significance of Compliance in Personal income tax in Singapore

In Singapore, personal income tax for individuals is based on an annual basis – for every calendar year. This means, that from January 1st to December 31st, your personal income will be assessed on the basis of preceding years. Annual personal tax filing and returns are supposed to be submitted with the IRAS by April 15th of the consecutive year. Not being able to comply with the regulations of IRAS would result in penalties and fines for individuals. If situations worsen, summons might be included as well.

How can we help you with Income Tax Compliance in Singapore?

  • We assist our individual clients with specific tax filing packages that allow you to compute your taxable amounts with us, including deductions.
  • We also provide all tax advisory and support as per specific schedules in our package
  • We comply with the IRAS regulations to properly file your tax returns and reports.
  • We help you garner the best tax exemptions and deductions to optimize your personal savings and your future growth.

Allow us to help you with our robust personal income tax filing services. We –

  • Register new individual taxpayers
  • Prepare and file your income tax returns as per the regulations of IRAS and as per your income
  • Determine and calculate your exemptions, deductions, and reliefs
  • Will request for any extensions, if seem necessary
  • Prepare IR8A and IR21 for all employees
  • Plan your tax and advise you along the lines of the assessment year and preceding years
  • Provide tax residency services and personal relief services
  • Provide a source of employment income
  • Provide double taxation services, including exemptions
  • Provide taxation bonuses
  • Provide allowances and other tax benefits, including in-kind.
  • Provide tax filings for equity gains
  • Provide tax filing services for directors and their remuneration fee
  • Provide assistance regarding payment and refunding of taxable amounts

Allow us to help you with your personal tax filing with our best personal tax filing services. Contact us today!