Why Bestar?

Whether you are yet to embark on your corporate journey, incorporating your dream business and learning to navigate your way around, or you are an already established, serial entrepreneur, a fully equipped team of experts at Bestar is something that you need at all times.

You need us not only to help you set up and incorporate your venture, but you also need us to stay afloat and compliant at all times!

You need us because

  • We are always there for you

We literally mean it! Entrepreneurship does not sleep, this why no matter what the hour, we are there. 24-7.

  • We have the expert talent

At Bestar, we possess some of industry’s best! Our team of corporate support experts are Registered Filing Agents with ACRA. With incredible talent and expertise on our end, we are your best bet!

  • We are licensed experts

Bestar is duly licensed to submit any work pass application in Singapore. We are registered professionals with the Ministry of Manpower.

  • No extra charges

Unlike others, we do not believe in discretion at any stage. We are transparent, as far as our functioning and fee is concerned. We will never charge you extra amount on the pretext of “hidden fee”.

  • Quick boost to your journey

We can incorporate your entrepreneurship journey and dream faster than anyone else. We are determined and competitive. We can satisfy you thoroughly. We can navigate our ways through the bureaucratic cycle to give you what you need!

  • Welcoming you with warm embrace

At Bestar, we are a one big happy family, and we will treat you in the same manner when we meet you. You will always be welcomed in our office with open arms and warm smiles.

  • We are Pandora’s Box

Quite literally! We are the providers of a one-stop solution to everything business. From Company Incorporation, to compliance management, to legal management, and auditing, we have an extensive network of services to provide.

  • We are your library

When you seek our guidance, we will offer you with our enormous online library. You can go through the comprehensive information, to help you start your journey. Our team of experts has curated all the information in a meticulous manner so you are never left bewildered for the next step.

  • Members of the national accounting body

We are accounting members of ISCA! Need we say more? The ISCA membership is only given to members who have immense caliber and understanding of the niche they are in.

  • We provide scalable and flexible solutions

We do not approach every organization with a single straight jacket approach. We offer them our guidance in a customized fashion. We are flexible in our dealings, which is why our clients find us friendly and convenient.

Join the Bestar bandwagon, along with our hundreds of happy clients. We would be happy to serve you. Contact us!