Staunch Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore with Bestar

From incorporating your business venture to managing the regulatory functioning on a daily basis, Bestar is known to cover all bases for you. We devotedly provide Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore to all our clients with the ultimate aim of assisting them in their compliance endeavors.

What are Corporate Secretarial Services?

According to the Companies Act of Singapore, every company shall appoint a Corporate Secretary or a company secretary within 6 months from the date of its incorporation as a Pte. Ltd. Co.

The range of regulatory actions along with diligence and compliance actions taken by a qualified professional, in favor of the established company is what is called Corporate Secretarial Services

Why are our company secretarial services important?

Bestar Corporate Secretary Service Provider with a sole aim! To see your organization grow and flourish.

Through our services, we can provide you –

  • With a highly qualified and determined Corporate Secretary meet your company’s compliance needs.

  • Free consultation during the year over different secretarial and compliance issues.

  • With resolute solutions to routine and non-routine services

Our company secretarial services can also –

  • Manage your meetings, along with the related minutes and documentation

  • Manage and prepare all the data for compliance and diligence purposes

  • Ensure all returns and fee are submitted on a timely basis

  • Draft out and frame legal documents and agreements

  • Correspond with outsiders on behalf of you

Importance of hiring a Company Secretary in Singapore

Formation and Incorporation

  • The role of a corporate secretary is significant when it comes to the incorporation and formation of your company.

  • A company secretary helps the setup and incorporation of a private and a public company, both limited by shares and guarantee.

  • They can help you register branch offices, representative offices along with a foreign company in Singapore

  • They can help you establish your enterprise in offshore jurisdictions.

Private Companies

  • Provisioning a registered office

  • Ensuring compliance mechanisms

  • Meeting all returns and filing requirements

  • Maintaining all records and statutory books

  • Attending board meetings and shareholders’ meetings, along with drafting the minutes

  • Preparing resolutions

Listed Companies

  • Meeting compliance requirements as per the Listing Rules, Code of Corporate Governance, Singapore Exchange Board, and Singapore Companies Act.

  • Attending and recording the minutes of the board meetings and the shareholders’ meetings

  • Releasing the official announcements to SGX

Other services

  • Acting as an official company secretary for all purposes

  • Arranging the appointment for local agents along with resident nominee directors in Singapore

  • Liquidation and dissolution of your organization in Singapore

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