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Licensing Overview

Futures Contract Licence / Foreign Exchange Licence / Fund Management Licence Criteria For the grant of capital marketing services [CMS] Licence Who Needs to hold a CMS Licence A corporation that carries on a business in the following regulated activity in Singapore would need to hold a CMS licence under the Securities and Futures Act…

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Travel Agent License

Who Needs To Apply For A Licence Increasingly, organizations are looking to trusted Bestar IT to help reduce cost, manage complexity, maintain leading-edge skills and adopt technology innovation. You will need to apply for a travel agent’s licence with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) if you carry on, or advertise or hold yourself out as carrying…

Compilation Report Service Singapore

Insurance License

Insurers are licensed and governed under the Insurance Act (Cap. 142) (“IA”). Insurers may carry on insurance business in Singapore as licensed insurers or foreign insurers: Licensed insurers can carry on direct life and/or general business, life and/or general reinsurance business or captive insurance. Foreign insurers are approved under the law of another country/territory to…

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Remittance License

Admission Criteria The applicant for a remittance licence has to be a company with a minimum capital of S$100,000 and furnish a security deposit of S$100,000 in respect of its place of business. Applying for a Remittance License In applying for a remittance licence, please furnish, where applicable: Latest Curriculum Vitae of directors and majority…