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Why Singapore?

A quintessential destination – Singapore – the heart of SouthEast Asia has proven its mettle to be the ultimate location for Standard Company Incorporation Services. A concoction of Eastern and Western cultures, Singapore is a pot brimming with economical opportunities. A thriving and competitive economic empire – Singapore rightly caters to the diversity of all kinds of entrepreneurs.

Singapore’s enticing business environment relies on its beguiled tax structure and benefits. In fact, as per the World Bank, Singapore has been ranked as the “Easiest Place to do Business” on a consistent basis.

With Specialists in Company Incorporation by your side, you too can see your business idea take off in a matter of a couple of days; you too can incorporate a company in Singapore in a hassle-free, easy-going way.

Packages that make Standard Company Incorporation Services in Singapore feasible

At Bestar, we offer a versatile range of customizable Company Incorporation packages to make setting up your new venture in Singapore an easy task. Every single package has been modeled on the foundation of Standard Company Incorporation Services in Singapore.

Our customized packages to setup a company in Singapore will allow you with extra time in your hand to focus on other aspects of establishing your journey as an entrepreneur. This will help you achieve your organizational goals along with helping you gain easy ROI.

1. Singapore Company Registration Services for Foreign Individuals

Foreign Company Registration Services in Singapore are available to all foreign individuals who look forward to form a company in Singapore, with and without entering the country borders.

The service can be availed in three major ways by foreign individuals

  • For those who do not wish to relocate to the country
    The package suits all the foreign entrepreneurs who wish to embark upon the journey of establishing a Pte. Ltd. company in Singapore but do not want to relocate to the country.
  • For the entrepreneurs who also require an employment pass
    The package is suitable for the people who wish to establish a Pte. Ltd. Company in Singapore along with relocating to the country.
  • For the entrepreneurs who wish to establish their business with an EntrePass
    The Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) scheme was established by the Government of Singapore to enhance and foster economic growth in the country, along with inducing entrepreneurship and innovation. The scheme is moulded to cater to the needs of R&D enthusiast companies along with technopreneurs, who are capable of intensifying commercialisation in the country. The pass also allows them to relocate to the country to run the establishment.

2. Singapore Company Registration services for foreign companies

If you are an already established business or a multinational looking to form a company in Singapore, you will be welcomed with open arms in a variety of ways to establish yourself here.
Singapore offers innumerable options.
Singapore Employment Pass Package:
The package suits the formation of a subsidiary company in Singapore along with providing an employment pass to the entrepreneur for easy relocations.

  • Nominee Director Package:
    The package suits the formation of subsidiary companies in Singapore under the supervision of a Resident Nominee Director, without a relocation Employment Pass for the entrepreneur.
  • Branch setup with Employment Pass package
    The package suits corporations who look forward to opening a branch office in Singapore, along with relocating themselves or their key personnel to the country to overlook the expansion.
  • Branch setup with Nominee Agent package:
    The package suits better for the MNCs and other corporations who are only looking to expand their operations with the help of a branch office in Singapore, without having to relocate themselves or any of their key personnel to the country.
  • Representative office package:
    For entrepreneurs who like to assess everything before making long-term commitment. Under this package, you can relocate your trusted executive to the country to run your business operations through a Representative Office before you outrightly take the expansive route into the economy of Singapore.

3. Company Incorporation Services for Singapore Shelf companies

The service suits all the shelf companies, who have been incorporated as per the legal provisions of Singapore. The services are rendered to the people as per their requirements and needs.

4. Company Registration Services for Singapore Residents

As a legal resident of Singapore, you can avail the benefit of registering and operating a Pte. Ltd. The Company, an LLP or even a sole proprietorship in the country. You can explore the scalability and the visionary dynamic the country provides for your growth.

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