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What does the Company Statutory Audit Mean?

Company Statutory Audit in Singapore is an essential component of corporate compliance mechanisms. The Statutory Audit aims at checking the financial documents and operational details of an organization to determine whether or not are they complying with the regulatory organizations like ACRA and IRAS.

As the name suggests, Company statutory audit is a compulsory compliance mechanism to keep a check on the smooth functioning of all the organizations.

Since it is compulsory, unless otherwise stated, you need a professional auditing firm in Singapore to be by your side. Professional Statutory Audit Service providers like us at Bestar can help you!


Not every Business requires a statutory audit.

As per the Companies Act of Singapore, every company is required to appoint an auditor within 3 months of its incorporation, unless the company or the enterprise is exempted from audit and assurance services and practices. The company can be exempted under the following grounds –

  • It is a private limited company in the financial year under consideration.

In addition to the above criteria, the company should also meet any two criterion from the following three to be exempted from a statutory audit in Singapore.

  • The total revenue of the company ≤$10M
  • The total assets of the company ≤$10M
  • The total number of employees of the company ≤50

Bestar provide efficient Audit and Assurance Services

As a leading Financial Auditing Firm in Singapore, we conduct Company Statutory Audits in order to meet the regulatory standards of Singapore’s Audit Regulatory bodies. By doing so, we ensure that your financial statements are compliant to the Financial Reporting Standards, which automatically paves way for your consistent growth.

Our comprehensive range of Company Statutory Audit services include –

  • Verification and review of your financial statements and records as per the principles of GAAP
  • Management of all the critical aspects of your organization in order to combat those weaknesses, to help you grow.
  • Implementing, supervising, and following up on regulatory and auditing principles.

Our team of professionals provide Financial Assurance and Advisory services include experts from legal and corporate and financial fields. They include Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries with immense experience and technical know-how. Together we can work out flexible strategies to meet your organizational goal, thereby resulting in your growth.

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