Bestar is a synonym for trust, expertise and commitment!

Bestar provides audit, tax, financial advisory, consulting, risk management and related services to select clients. We work closely with our clients, helping them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities.
Bestar is a member firm of Affilica International. At Bestar, we are committed to delivering exceptional client service.

As a pioneering Accounting Company in Singapore, we are specialists who provide versatile accounting, taxation, legal, marketing and corporate support services to all our clients.

As experienced and professional corporate services providers, we know the difficulties establishments face in Singapore.

We know the implications that the dynamism and complexity of the economy of Singapore can throw our ways – yes, it can sometimes become challenging and ruthless; probably this is why we are always there, by your side to help you navigate through the highs and lows of the economy, so that you can always achieve higher levels of productivity.

What do we stand for?

We firmly believe that entrepreneurship is essential to the economy of Singapore. This is why it is vital to support foreign and domestic entrepreneurs, who are looking forward to invest in the economy and seek innovation and progress. We are driven to provide support to the people who want to make a difference!

How do we do it?

Unlike other audit firms in Singapore, we focus on integrating our entrepreneurial skills with our expertise of accounting and compliance management. This unique intermix equips us with a hands-on experience that can help us develop a thriving environment for all kinds of enterprises – small, medium and large.

With us, you can leverage the germination of scalable success; with us, the best Accounting Company in Singapore – you can focus on meeting your organizational goals, while we support you in your endeavours.

It is in your success that we find our success.

As our clients you will always be looked after, all your needs and desires, all your anticipations – everything – from accounting and tax solutions, to compliance management, to corporate support – will be streamlined to meet your expectations and goals.

We will do anything to ensure your business is a thriving success and earns you maximum profits.

We make great efforts in understanding what your key needs and issues are; once we do, we incorporate our expertise to implement pivotal solutions that allow you to garner success better.

Our philosophy
It is pretty simple!
We believe that our clients and us are all equals!

Our Mission And Values
To make an exhilarating and stressful corporate journey smooth for you. To help you develop your business, guiding you at every step, seeing you reach the zenith!

Our Drivers
Honour, Accountability, Commitment, Independence, Excellence And Reliability!

Everything we do, we do it for you!
You are our priority.

Join us in our journey! Engage in our pivotal accounting and corporate advisory services today. Choose us and make a difference! We would love to support you!


We are always there for you

We literally mean it! Entrepreneurship does not sleep, this why no matter what the hour, we are there. 24-7.

We have the expert talent

At Bestar, we possess some of industry’s best! Our team of corporate support experts are Registered Filing Agents with ACRA. With incredible talent and expertise on our end, we are your best bet!

We are licensed experts

Bestar is duly licensed to submit any work pass application in Singapore. We are registered professionals with the Ministry of Manpower.

No extra charges

Unlike others, we do not believe in discretion at any stage. We are transparent, as far as our functioning and fee is concerned. We will never charge you extra amount on the pretext of “hidden fee”.

We provide scalable and flexible solutions

We do not approach every organization with a single straight jacket approach. We offer them our guidance in a customized fashion. We are flexible in our dealings, which is why our clients find us friendly and convenient.

Join the Bestar bandwagon, along with our hundreds of happy clients. We would be happy to serve you.