Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK)

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ASK (Assisted Self-help Kit) is a comprehensive Self-Assessment Compliance Package that aids businesses to review the correctness of their GST submissions and discover past GST errors early so as to qualify for IRAS’ Voluntary Disclosure Programme.

    • Purpose of ASK (Assisted Self-help Kit)

      ASK (Assisted Self-help Kit) helps businesses, especially those who have just registered for GST or are filing GST for the first time, to self-assess their GST submissions and to discover past GST errors early.



    • Key Aspects of ASK (Assisted Self-help Kit)

      ASK is a self-assessment package that focuses on three key aspects:

  • It intends to use Singapore as its regional base for its principal offshore trading activities, business activities support and strategic functions, such as:
    1. Putting in place good GST Practices comprising People, Record-Keeping, Systems and Internal Controls to properly handle the GST reporting of transactions;
    2. Self-assessment using the Pre-Filing Checklist to ensure that GST returns are correct before submission; and
    3. Performing Annual Review of past GST returns to detect errors early and to avoid costly penalties
    • Features of ASK

      There are 3 sections in the ASK package. Businesses may implement each section individually or put all 3 sections into practice.

  • Section 1: GST Practices
    What is it
  • GST Practices helps you to put in place internal processes covering People, Record-Keeping, Systems and Internal Controls to ensure overall GST compliance. Recommended for
      • Businesses planning to register for GST
      • Businesses that are newly registered for GST
  • Section 2: Pre-Filing Checklist
  • What is it
    Pre-Filing Checklist helps you to perform quality checks on your GST returns before submission. Recommended for
      • Businesses filing their first GST return
      • GST-registered businesses with new business arrangement or change in GST personnel
  • Section 3: ASK (Assisted Self-help Kit) Annual Review
  • What is it
    ASK Annual Review helps you to perform regular review of past GST returns for early detection of errors.
  • Recommended for
      • All GST-registered businesses
    • Compulsory or Voluntary Adoption of ASK

      GST-registered businesses may adopt ASK on a voluntary basis.

      Conducting ASK is compulsory when you are applying for or renewing these GST Schemes.

    • Applying for GST Scheme

      ASK is compulsory when you are applying for the following GST Schemes:

      1. Import GST Deferment Scheme (IGDS);
      2. Approved Marine Customer Scheme (AMCS);
      3. Approved Contract Manufacturer and Trader (ACMT) Scheme;
      4. Approved Refiner and Consolidator Scheme (ARCS);
      5. Major Exporter Scheme (MES);
      6. Approved Import GST Suspension Scheme (AISS); or
      7. Approved Third Party Logistics (3PL) Company Scheme.

    • Renewing GST Schemes

      What is it
      GST Practices helps you to put in place internal processes covering People, Record-Keeping, Systems and Internal Controls to ensure overall GST compliance.

      • Import GST Deferment Scheme (IGDS);
      • Major Exporter Scheme (MES); or
      • Approved Contract Manufacturer and Trader (ACMT) Scheme.
    • ASK Annual Review

      One of the qualifying conditions for these GST schemes is that businesses have to perform a self-review using ASK and submit the ASK: Declaration Form on Completing Annual Review & Voluntary Disclosure of Errors.


      Bestar has Accredited Tax Professionals with the expertise and experience to assist businesses to perform the ASK Annual Review. For more information, please email to