IT Risk and Audit Services

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When you’re faced with growing expectations to create business value with limited resources, where can you turn? Increasingly, organizations are looking to trusted Bestar IT Risk and Audit Services to help reduce cost, manage complexity, maintain leading-edge skills and adopt technology innovation.

Bestar can help your enterprise rise above inefficiencies and achieve:

  • Better service levels and reduced risk
  • Improved security, business resilience and compliance
  • Access to technology innovation
  • Flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing business conditions

Our managed services and cloud computing can help you deliver on the transformation agenda your business requires.

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IT Risk and Audit Services

Today’s organizations face mounting challenges from an ever-evolving IT environment. Managing IT risk and compliance has become more critical as IT failures can damage reputations and destroy trust, and lead to privacy issues. It is therefore crucial for businesses to enhance their IT controls in order to manage these risks appropriately and function reliably.

    • How we can help

      Drawing on in-depth technical and IT-related risk management knowledge, Bestar’s team of experienced IT risk and audit professionals help you assess, manage, and remediate IT-related risks as well as develop approaches to demonstrate effective IT compliance through governance and controls, data integrity, and security and privacy.

Our key services include:

    • IT assurance

      We provide formal assurance reports on systems, processes and controls. Our independent position and assessment capabilities provide clients with a candid and reliable overview of their IT risk landscape and the controls in place.

    • Independent project assurance

      We evaluate IT projects to identify key threats to project success. We provide an independent assessment on the status and readiness of your critical IT projects before go-live, which helps to increase stakeholder confidence and allows for early identification of risks.

    • IT risk assessment and transformation

      We help you identify and understand your highest and most important technology risk areas, the impact on the business, design frameworks to address and manage them and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT-enabled business processes and controls.

    • IT controls services

      We provide an accurate and independent assessment of your IT control environment. We focus on the design, implementation and rationalization of controls that mitigate possible technology risks in the application, infrastructure and data layer of your IT function. We assess the readiness of emergency action plans to address IT incidents. Information security is a key area of focus in the current landscape of mobile technology and cloud computing.

    • IIT policy and procedures – gap analysis and development

      We assess your IT policies and procedures to determine any gaps in applicability to current and/or emerging IT environments/business models.An Information Technology (IT) audit is an audit of an organisation’s IT systems, management, operations and related processes. An IT audit may be carried out in connection with a financial regularity audit or selective audit.

    • IT risk assessment

      Bestar Services assists in the pre-audit assessment of the IT internal control framework, evaluates the business and operating environment, identifies the key business assets (infrastructure / information / data) supported by IT, followed by understanding their IT risk management framework using tools to identify IT risk processes / analysis / evaluation / recommendation or solution as well as reporting and measurement.