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A Detailed Guide To Accounting And Bookkeeping For Start-Up Founders In Singapore

Starting a new business in Singapore is an exciting journey full of opportunities, but it also comes with some challenges, especially regarding financial management. As a startup founder, understanding the intricacies of accounting and bookkeeping is critical to the success and sustainability of your business. This comprehensive guide aims to provide accounting and bookkeeping for…

Why Small Businesses in Singapore Need Professional Accounting Services

Why Small Businesses in Singapore Need Professional Accounting Services

In Singapore, small businesses play a vital role in driving the economy and contributing to the diverse business landscape. Bestar Services understands this need and advocates for the employment of professional accounting services to ensure the financial health and compliance of these businesses. This article delves into the significance of professional accounting services for small…

Accounting for Hotels in Singapore

Accounting for Hotels in Singapore

Tourism is one thing that Singapore is known for. It is popular for spectacular views, amazing service, and stunning accommodations that helped Singapore succeed in the tourism industry. Therefore, so many foreign investors come to Singapore to open their own hotels.   If you are in the hotel business, you know how difficult it is…

Bookkeeping Services- What to expect_

Bookkeeping Services- What to expect?

Singapore registered companies are required to keep proper books of accounts. This bookkeeping process not just helps in facilitating the day-to-day account maintenance but also helps in financial statement drafting. It is because of it that a business gets a complete insight into sound decision-making and efficient financial management.

There are many accounting service providers in Singapore. One can always choose Bestar for their bookkeeping services, but before we move ahead, it is important to know what bookkeeping is.

Bookkeeping refers to the process conducted daily for recording all financial transactions and details. It also includes posting debits and credits, generation of the invoice, completing the payroll, and balancing the current account and general ledgers.